The OECD’s Youth Advisory Board is made up of exceptional young people aged 18‒30 who bring their perspectives and ideas to the OECD. Following the success of the first Youthwise class, OECD launces Youthwise 2022!

The consequences of COVID-19 have accelerated pre-existing issues for young people and it will take a joint effort across sectors, stakeholders and generations to solve them. In line with the OECD’s policy priorities, Youthwise members will focus on how we can build an inclusive and green future for & with young people.

How to apply: Answer the question What do you think should be the top priority for governments to ensure an inclusive and green future for young people? either in a 60-second video or a 500-word text (maximum). Candidates will also need to provide a brief introduction (max. 65 words), plus a short paragraph on why they want to become a Youthwise member (max. 65 words).

Read more and apply here.

Deadline: 31 January 2022 midnight, CET.